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About Us

Our Profile

CarTrack GPS is a supplier of GPS tracking devices and software developer. We export vehicle tracking technology for fleet location and personal safety. Our company provides location solutions for fleet of vehicles such as trucks, vans, cars or motorcycles. And for personal tracking, security guards, machines, merchandise and goods.

Our company strongly invest in research and development areas in order to create competitive products and solutions. Our products are currently found in over than 100 countries. CarTrack GPS has been awarded as the best exporter company in 2005 and selected as one of the top 50 leader company, by the worldwide magazine GPS World en 2007. We employ high quality standars on our production facilities as we're highly committed and dedicated to our customers.


Our mision is to increase the efficiency of the fleets and prevent theft of cargos and vehicles by creating an user friendly, real-time asset tracking system. This will increase the profit of companies by increasing the productivity and reduce operational costs.

With a state-of-the-art GPS technology, CarTrack GPS continues creating innovative products for the safety of the community: taking care of elders, childrens, for humanitary jail programs, and preventing and restricting violent offenders from committing crimes.

Our vision is to be a leader in digital security systems while increasing the safety of the community and its quality of life in the digital era.

How does the GPS vehicle tracking system works?

The system uses the GPS network of satellites to calculate the location and speed of the vehicle at all times. It also uses an Internet connection to send this information to the server. This allows the user to login through a web browser and locate his fleet of vehicles from any computer or Smartphone instantly.

What is the monthly fee?

The only cost will be the telephony provider's GPRS data service using up to 8 MByes per month. We do not charge any monthly fee.

Where are you located?

We are based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and have corporate customers in over than 100 countries. We are able to offer the best technical support and after-sales customer care, ensuring a proper system operation 7x365.

How can I test the products?

You can login to our demo server or you can create your own live demonstrations by ordering our PROFESSIONAL KIT (PRO KIT). The PRO KIT allows you to test the system and see how it works before buying a larger quantity of tracking devices. Many customers have started their own business this way.